Jon is one of the founding members of the crew. Though he may be the youngest, his intelligence exceeds most others. This is often poked fun at with the ongoing math joke found on the Newbcast.


Username: JonCodec, TremerGaming, Jonathan1156

Real Name: John Sullivan

Age: 12

Aliases: Juan, Wonton, Jontonithan, Prof. X in disguise, Mr. Codec


What's up, mah broskis!

Oh god!

Let's do this!

You knob!

I'm low

Color: Blue

Similar: Dstuff, JJ, Wolf

About: Jon is the co-owner of The Newb Crew. He typically does Minecraft let's plays, and is well known for his coding, and hacking abilities. Jon, and JJ formed the griefing group known as Team Demolition before the Newb Crew, and soon changed the name to Team Tango.